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CSU team presents at harbor meeting

Friday, January 29th, 2010

On Thursday January 14th, Dana Point Police Services presented the HILIOLI campaign to members of the Harbor Merchants Association at the Wind and Sea Restaurant.  Deputy Jonathan Daruvala was the main presenter and did a great job involving business owners in the discussion.  Reactions from the group, when showed statistics involving thefts from unlocked cars, truly said it all and proved the need to educate everyone in Dana Point about this program.

“Hide It” campaign now on city’s website

Friday, January 29th, 2010

The “Hide It, Lock It, Or Lose It” campaign now has a spot on the City of Dana Point website, under the “City News and Updates” section.  There you will find more information about the program as well as links to the websites and a link to view the PSA associated with the campaign.  Go to  to view this information.

To see the HILIOLI main page, click on “Public Safety” under the Services tab.  Contact information is listed for the Community Service Unit if you are interested in learning more about the program or scheduling a presentation for your business or community. 

News Review

Hide It, Lock It or Lose It!
Dana Point Police Services Crime Prevention Campaign
Posted Date: 1/18/2010 7:00 AM
Leave It Lock It Lose It  

“Hide It” PSA on Sheriff blog and YouTube

Friday, January 29th, 2010

Hide It, Lock It or Lose It

Protecting your possessions is easier than you think, just watch this Public Service Annoucement made in cooperation between the City of Dana Point and Dana Point Police Services.

To view the Public Service Annoucement, click the icon below.

HOAs host HideIt discussions

Thursday, January 7th, 2010

On Wednesday, December 16th, members of  Dana Point Police Services were the guests of the Sunrise Rotary Club at the Ritz Carlton.  Chief Mark Levy was on hand to introduce the new theft prevention campaign created by Police Services called  “Hide It, Lock It, Or Lose It” (HILIOLI).  The turnout was impressive, with about forty Rotary Club members in attendance.  The Community Service Unit (CSU) consisting of Sergeant Jim Greenwood, Deputies Jose Pelayo, Jonathan Daruvala, Dave Cappel and Community Services Officer Cassie Levine were on hand to present the program and answer questions from the audience. 

 Hide It Lock It Or Lose It is a public awareness campaign that was created to reduce thefts in the city of Dana Point , specifically thefts from unlocked vehicles.  In November and December of 2009, the CSU team presented the HILIOLI campaign to over a half dozen Home Owners Associations including;  Niguel Shores,  Monarch Beach Civic Association,  Harbor Creek, Fountains at Sea Bluffs, Niguel Beach Terrace and Marluna.

 “The CSU has dedicated their efforts to reduce property crime in Dana Point. Our campaign begins with educating the community. We are going to find a way to inform every resident in our city of the need to lock their vehicles and secure their property. We are confident that this alone will serve to reduce crime, coupled with increased investigative efforts, relentless prosecution of criminals and the overall dedication of the men and women who make up Dana Point Police Services.  We look forward to 2010 being a successful year!” says Sergeant Jim Greenwood.

 We will continue to reach out to various HOA’s as well as other clubs and groups in the city of Dana Point throughout 2010.  If you are interested in learning more about this program, or would like to schedule a meeting or presentation, please contact our Community Service Unit at (949) 248-3581.  The support and interest of the community, its residents, and business owners is instrumental to the success of this program…we need your help!

Vehicle Safety Tips

Thursday, January 7th, 2010
  • ALWAYS LOCK YOUR DOORS, roll up all windows and take the keys when you leave your vehicle, even if you will be gone “just a minute.” Oftentimes, thieves go from car to car trying doors.  Chances are if your doors are locked they will simply move on to the next car so as not to draw attention to themselves.
  • Do not leave ANY valuables in your car (gifts, packages, purses, computers, electronic items, etc).  Always take valuables with you.
  • Don’t leave spare keys anywhere on your car. You can keep a spare key in your wallet if you have a habit of locking yourself out.
  • Park in open, well-lit, and populated areas near your destination.  If possible, park in your garage or at least off the street.  Avoid parking near large trucks, vans, dumpsters or other objects that obstruct visibility and provide hiding places for strangers.
  • Installing some motion sensitive lights for the driveway is a great way to deter thieves
  • Should a theft occur, call the police immediately to report it. Vehicles and property should be described as accurately and as detailed as possible.