Doheny Car Wash customers hear the latest

As a cashier at the Doheny Car Wash, Chelsea Rose hands out more than just change. She also shares the latest information on the “Hide It, Lock It, Or Lose It” campaign. “We believe in community support and collaborating with law enforcement,” Chelsea says. “It’s important to work together and be on the same team.”

Located at 34241 Doheny Park Road, the car wash has several posters and signs on prominent display, and is offering window stickers to its customers as a reminder to secure their vehicles and personal belongings at all times. “It’s still very new so many people haven’t heard a lot about it,” says Jim Surber, treasurer at Doheny Car Wash. “But I think they’re happy to get the information, and we’re committed to continuing to get the word out as best we can.”

As with other businesses supporting the campaign, the Doheny Car Wash team often hears from customers about thefts from unlocked vehicles. “Pretty much everyone I know has had something stolen or taken from their car at some point,” Jim says, “so it’s definitely an issue in the city and needs to be addressed.”

To join the growing number of Dana Point businesses supporting the campaign, contact Community Services Officer Cassie Levine at 949-248-3531 or celevine@ocsd.org


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Employees George Avelino and Gustavo Salamon support the new campaign

Cashier Chelsea Rose shares this important information with customers, just ask her for your free window sticker!


Look for “Hide It, Lock It, Or Lose It” campaign ads in the Dana Point Recreation Guide. The summer edition is set for release on Friday.

Also, we’ll be meeting with the Doheny Longboard Association this Saturday morning to bring its membership up to speed on all aspects of the campaign.