Surf shops spread the Shwazooki message

It’s still new to most ears, but the term “Shwazooki” is starting to become more and more familiar as slang for “protect your stuff,” thanks to Girl in the Curl and other local surf shops.

“The kids especially think it’s cool and love the Shwazooki stuff,” says Miranda Berkman, manager of Girl in the Curl at 34116 Pacific Coast Highway.  “We’ve passed out tons of stickers and key chains at our weekend sales.”

Owner Mary Hartmann says she wanted to get involved in the “Hide It, Lock It, Or Lose It” campaign as a way to support local police.

“They are inundated with paperwork from something that is such a common-sense issue. We need our police to take care of more important problems. So this is our way of giving back for all they have done for us,” Mary says.

“If we want Dana Point to stay the way it is and enjoy our city, we need to have some pride and look out for each other.”


Girl in the Curl has been a huge support of this program with posters and premium items on display.  Stop by and visit for some great beach apparel and accessories and be sure to ask about your free window stickers, as shown by store manager Miranda Berkman!

Steve Boehne of Infinity Surfboards agrees, adding that educating the public is crucial to gaining their support in reversing the increase in thefts from vehicles.

“People don’t realize the amount of loss that is occurring in the city,” Steve says. “Prevention can help reduce that loss and save money and time.”

Customers of the shop at 24382 Del Prado are handed campaign stickers to be used on their vehicles, to remind them to lock their doors and protect their valuables.

“I have personally been a victim of theft,” Steve says. “You feel silly having stuff taken.  Surfboards are stolen off cars or from the front of residences all the time.”

 Infinity Surf owner Steve Boehne


Infinity staff members hand out all kinds of campaign items to their customers.  From Left: Stephen Casica, Steve Boehne, George Flambures

Ralphy Andrews, owner of Killer Dana at 24621 Del Prado, is lending his help as well, noting that thefts of belongings are “a pretty serious personal violation.”

“This campaign can really be effective,” he says. “Locking cars is a simple concept. And if people just start doing it, there will be a lot less crime in Dana Point.”

Killer Dana employees Macarena Sainz and Dana Lizotte pass out Shwazooki and “it” stickers 

  Killer Dana owner Ralphy Andrews

To join the many Dana Point businesses supporting the campaign, contact Community Services Officer Cassie Levine at 949-248-3531 or celevine@ocsd.org