HOA’s continue support for HideIt campaign

The idea that community education is a great way to prevent crime is being well received by Homeowner Associations community groups throughout Dana Point.

“Taking the angle of prevention by education of the potential victim was great, and a much appreciated approach,” said President Nadine Levinson, following a May 20th presentation made to the Capistrano Beach Road Association. “The presentation was excellent – very informative,” Nadine said. “There was a communication that the police care about the citizens and want to protect them from crime.”

That’s the exact message we’re trying to get across to all residents, visitors and businesses in Dana Point. Simple steps go a long way. “There have been numerous breakins on Beach Road… and likely many of them could have been prevented. The audience got that talking point,” Nadine said.

If your Homeowners Association or community group would like to host a presentation on the HideItLockItOrLoseIt campaign, we’d be happy to schedule one for you. Please contact our Community Services Unit at (949) 248-3581.

Please visit us this Saturday, June 12th, at Doheny State Beach where we will be setting up a booth at the annual Surf-A-Rama event. We’ll be sharing information and distributing free premium items from both the HideIt program as well as our Shwazooki campaign.