Dana Point is a wonderful community.

We’re very fortunate to live and work in a place with a perfect climate, scenic vistas, and welcoming neighborhoods where the families on your street truly
are friends.

In safe communities like ours, it’s easy to forget to lock your car, or lower a garage door, or secure a bicycle.

The Hide it. Lock it. Or Lose it. campaign is simply our way of reminding each other that simple preventive steps can go a long way toward reducing the frequency of thefts in our city.

In addition, by freeing up police time currently devoted to investigating these thefts, Dana Point Police Services can devote more resources to other crime-prevention priorities in the community.

We certainly would welcome your personal involvement – or the sponsorship of your business or community organization – to help us get the word out through an exciting array of promotional campaigns we’re developing.

I’ve worked in law enforcement for more than 28 years, and can personally attest to the impact that neighbors working together can make.

I’d encourage you to offer a friendly reminder to the people you meet in town to “shwazooki” their personal belongings.

Let’s keep “harboring the good life” here in Dana Point.

~ Russell Chilton, Chief of Police Services